Maj. Robinson began his musical studies at the Purvis Primary School and carried on throughout his secondary school studies at the Berkeley Institute where he focused his studies on the trumpet under the tutelage of Maj. Kenneth Dill.  At the Berkeley, he played in the Bermuda National Youth Symphonic Band under Maj. Dill and Mr. Warren Jones.  Maj. Dill encouraged him to joined the Bermuda Regiment Band—still only 13 years of age—where his skills continued to develop.  On taking a perforated leave from the Regiment, he read Music Education at Clark Atlanta University where he played in numerous instrumental and vocal ensembles.  He had many fortunes while at CAU: performing with Stevie Wonder and Natalie Cole (SuperBowl XXVIII), re-opening of Saenger Hall Opera House in New Orleans and as well as many tours across the South and up the east coast of the United States.  After an enjoyable two years of teaching at the Berkeley Institute, Maj. Robinson went on to the Royal Military School of Music—Kneller Hall and read the requirements for Certificate of Bandmaster—an intensive three-year programme of study in arranging, music history, and conducting finishing in 2003.  Maj. Robinson has played in a few shows on the island within the school systems as well as in the theaters.  When his time permits he likes to travel and fly helicopters!